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Destination Tomorrow report imageThe Portland Area Comprehensive Transportation System (PACTS) is the Metropolitan Planning Organization for the Portland, Maine region. It was established to improve the coordination of transportation planning and investment decisions by state, municipal and public transportation organizations.

The address for PACTS is 970 Baxter Boulevard, 2nd Floor, Portland, ME 04103. The office is located on the Washington Avenue (Bates Street) end of Baxter Boulevard and is easily accessible from Exit 8 of 295 from the south, and Exit 9 of 295 from the north.



PACTS Capital Management Area Map - 2014

PACTS Destination Tomorrow (Long Range Plan) Forums Summary - February 2014 - PACTS held six forums between November 2013 and January 2014 to gain input from the public regarding the update of the PACTS Long Range Plan. Two were public officials’ forums, while four specifically reached out to the general public. 

PACTS Consultant General Conditions

The PACTS Consultant General Conditions describe the conditions that PACTS and our consultants agree to when entering into study contracts.  The conditions are incorporated into the contracts by reference.

PACTS Unified Planning Work Program for 2014-2015

The Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP) identifies the transportation studies and other planning tasks that we will do in 2014 and 2015. FHWA, FTA, State and local funds are used to support the majority of these tasks.

PACTS Announces the Release of their Regional Design Guide for Bicyclists and Pedestrians.

This document is intended for use by our PACTS member communities to assist them in designing and implementing both local and regional transportation systems that serve all users and that enhance community quality of place and quality of life. It is our hope that this document will help bring region-wide consistency to the design of bicycle and pedestrian facilities in the PACTS service area. More...

PACTS Collector Road Assessment - 2012 Update

2014 Schedule of PACTS' Committee Meetings

2013 Report to our Members

Click here to read a 4-page summary of PACTS activities during the fiscal year that ended in June.  We thank our excellent staff and our industrious members for all their work, and we welcome your comments and questions.  Send them to John Duncan, PACTS Director.

Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) Process and Procedures Document

The Portland Area Comprehensive Transportation System (PACTS) shares the responsibility with the Maine Department of Transportation (MaineDOT) for the programming of all projects funded with Federal Highway and Federal Transit Administration (FHWA and FTA) funds in the PACTS Funding Area. The primary purpose of this document is to describe the development and administration of PACTS "MPO Allocation" projects during 2014, as described in the TIP Process and Procedures document. 

PACTS Transportation Improvement Program - 2014-2017

The PACTS TIP was approved by the PACTS Executive Committee on August 6, 2013. These capital projects and transit operations funds are federally funded projects that PACTS has already selected, plus many MaineDOT-selected bridge, interstate, CMAQ and safety projects.  Click here to view the PACTS TIP for 2014-2017.

Every two years, MaineDOT and PACTS submit the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) and the PACTS TIP to the Federal Highway and Transit Administrations.  The FHWA and FTA may not release the federal funds for any of the projects without this support from PACTS.

Read our August 2012 23 x 23 Report about 23 key investments needed in our region in the next ten years. Tell us what you think at  To learn more click here.

Check out the 2011 PACTS video on our long-range regional transportation plan, Destination Tomorrow 2010-2035, highlighting maintaining and transforming transportation in our Greater Portland region (Freeport to Biddeford, Portland to Gorham/Windham). PACTS is already working to improve our roads for all modes, expanding rail for passengers and freight, and innovating on the ongoing changing needs related to energy costs, health, and of the young and not so young.   And of course the challenge of us all paying for it. One thing for sure is that the future will be different from today and the past.

We published our 2012-2013 Annual Report in June 2013.  Click here to read about many recent and upcoming activities at PACTS, GPCOG and MaineDOT, and for a list of our current Committee members.

Read the PACTS blog for information on what PACTS is working on.

PACTS Documents

Destination Tomorrow - PACTS Long Range Plan

ITS Regional Architecture

Maine State Management Plan

PACTS Annual Meeting 2013 PowerPoint Presentation

PACTS Congestion Management Process

PACTS Obligations During Federal Fiscal Year 2012  Click here to view the obligations for federally-funded transportation capital projects in Federal Fiscal Year 2012 in the PACTS Region.

PACTS Public Participation Plan - October 2011

PACTS Regional Bike/Ped Plan Update:  Final Report

PACTS Title VI Environmental Justice and Non-Discrimination Plan - October 2011

TIP Process and Procedures Document

Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) 2014-2017

Unified Planning Work Program - 2014-2015

Title VI Environmental Justice and Non-Discrimination Plan

The principle of environmental justice in transportation planning ensures that transportation projects do not have a disproportionately negative impact on minority and low-income populations. The goal is to achieve environmental justice protection for all communities.  As a Metropolitan Planning Organization, PACTS examines how future transportation plans and investments address Title VI issues and attain equitable distribution of services, facilities and resources within the PACTS Planning area.

PACTS is staffed by:

Director, John Duncan

Senior Transportation Planner, Paul Niehoff

Senior Transportation Planner, Carl Eppich

PACTS is also assisted by and shares office space with the Greater Portland Council of Governments.




PACTS area map

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