Public Participation

Your feedback is Needed! PACTS Public Involvement Plan and Title VI Plan DRAFT Updates

PACTS is seeking feedback on draft updates to both the Public Involvement Plan and the Title VI, Environmental Justice, Non-Discrimination Plan. The plans are slated to be adopted by the PACTS Policy Committee in late October. Draft documents and appendices include:

The goal for these updates was to develop user-friendly, public-facing documents that reflect the PACTS Reforms process, as well as the Inclusive Transportation Planning Recommendations. Both updates are significant reworkings (and redesigns) of the original plans and reflect the recent initiatives undertaken by PACTS to provide more inclusive engagement to underrepresented communities and the general public.

PACTS stakeholders and the public are invited to provide feedback on the documents through October 14, 2019. There are several ways to offer comments, which are outlined below. Interpreter services and large print documents are available by request.

  • Online through this brief survey
  • By emailing Zoe Miller at
  • By appointment with Zoe Miller – email or call to schedule 207-774-9891 ext. 227.
  • In-person at the following meetings:
      • September 10th – Joint Planning and Technical Committee, from 8:30-10:30am
      • September 19th – Transportation & Community Well-Being Network, at Portland Public Library, Monument Square, from 10:30am-noon
      • September 12th – Transit Committee, from 9:30-11am
      • October 1st – PACTS Executive Committee, from 8:30-10:30am

(All PACTS Committee meetings are held at GPCOG, 970 Baxter Blvd, Portland. Meeting agendas include time for public comment).

Public Involvement Policies and Practices

Each MPO must have a formal Public Involvement Plan that provides citizens with complete information, timely public notice, full access to key decisions and opportunities for early and continuing involvement in the transportation planning process.  Plans must be updated as needed to stay with relevant Federal regulations. View the PACTS Public Involvement Policies and Practices document here.

Title VI Environmental Justice and Non-Discrimination Plan

The principle of environmental justice in transportation planning ensures that transportation projects do not have a disproportionately negative impact on minority and low-income populations. The goal is to achieve environmental justice protection for all communities.  As a Metropolitan Planning Organization, PACTS examines how future transportation plans and investments address Title VI issues and attain equitable distribution of services, facilities and resources within the PACTS planning area. View the PACTS Title VI Environmental Justice and Non-Discrimination Plan here.   Please click here to access the PACTS Title VI Discrimination Complaint Form.