PACTS current FHWA-funded projects

Dunstan Corner Feb 2013In 2011, MaineDOT began sending us monthly reports on the status of capital transportation projects in our region. PACTS staff forwards them to our Technical Committee members and other interested members. Background on this monthly report:

  • MaineDOT generates this list automatically from their statewide projects database. It provides basic project purpose, financial and milestones information.
  • The list only includes projects programmed by PACTS with funds in our “MPO Allocation.”  Therefore, there are many MaineDOT capital projects underway in our region that are not in this list.
  • The projects have been programmed for implementation and remain on the list until closed. This means that some of them have not been started yet, others are under construction or are being designed, and others have been constructed but are not yet closed for one reason or another.

Feel free to contact PACTS staff with questions about this report.