Long Range Transportation Planning

Destination Tomorrow, the 2010-2035 Regional Long-Range Transportation Plan for the Portland urbanized area, is a comprehensive plan outlining policies and strategies for maintaining the best of the existing transportation system and transforming the system to safely and efficiently accommodate all modes. The emphasis is on balancing the system among the many transportation modes: motorized vehicles, non-motorized vehicles such as bicycles, rail and bus transit, and pedestrians, while utilizing transportation demand/systems management techniques and technologies to improve mobility for all modes.

DT June 2013 Freshley

The Plan provides a vision for the transportation system through 2035 with supporting policies and strategies for achieving the vision. Destination Tomorrow calls for a high level of coordination between land use and transportation investments which also requires continuous coordination between our members and funding partners, the MaineDOT and the Maine Turnpike Authority.

In 2013 we began creating a Destination 2040 update of the Plan. For more information on the existing Plan and the current update process: