How we use the Destination Tomorrow Plan

In 2000 the PACTS membership set out to develop a regional transportation plan that envisions a better future regional transportation system, guides us in our capital improvement decisionmaking and provides a framework for our regional transportation planning process. We successfully used our 2003 Plan for these purposes and we have fine-tuned our successes in the use of our 2006 and 2010 Plan Updates.2008 forum faces

Here are five examples of how we have used the Plans.

  1. In 2005 the Policy Committee created our first “set asides” policy to guide our biennial programming of the PACTS “MPO Allocation” federal capital improvement funds. See our Transportation Improvement Program Policies and Procedures document for details. Since 2005 we have carefully worked within these set aside budgets.
  2. In 2008 we began to rank capital improvement applications to PACTS using a scoring system designed around the goals of Destination Tomorrow. That ranking system now counts for 50% of the weight for selecting our Intersection, Transit Capital, Road Rebuild and Bicycle/Pedestrian capital projects.
  3. Many of our regional transportation studies done during the past ten years were initially recommended in a Destination Tomorrow Plan. Examples include the 2007 Transit Coordination Study, the 2011 Transit Focused Region Report.
  4. Since 2004 we have also used the goals of Destination Tomorrow in the scoring of municipalities’ and transit organizations’ applications to PACTS for our study funds. The study applications that we fund are those which are most consistent with Destination Tomorrow.
  5. The Destination Tomorrow Plans’ long term capital cost estimates and the estimates of funding available have been shared regularly with the news media, Legislators, and local officials – with a focus on how much the needs go beyond the available resources.