High Crash Locations

The interactive map below shows 2013-2015 High Crash Locations (HCLs) for the State of Maine. Clicking on an individual intersection or road segment will bring up a text box with information about the location.

A High Crash Location (HCL) is a location that has had 8 or more traffic crashes and a Critical Rate Factor (CRF) greater than 1.00 in a 3-year period. A highway location with a CRF greater than 1.00 has a frequency of crashes that is greater than the statewide average for similar locations. A CRF is a statistically measure to determine the “expected crash rate” as compared to similar intersections in the State of Maine. In this regard, the analysis considers both the number of crashes and exposure over a 3-year period. Data provided by MaineDOT (10/16/2014).