Strava Data

PACTS recently purchased 2016 Strava Metro DataView for Cumberland and York Counties!!


What is Strava? Strava is an app that cyclists, runners, and other athletes use on their phone to record their activity and get statistics like distance, elevation, pace, etc. Strava now aggregates this data and provides it to planning organizations for a fee.

What can you do with Strava data? PACTS, MaineDOT, local governments, and others can make more informed decisions when planning, maintaining and upgrading bicycle and pedestrian networks. While not everyone uses the Strava app, the data provides valuable information on how a small, but very active portion of the population navigates through our transportation system on foot or by bike. More information about Strava Metro, including an FAQ section, can be found on their website here.

What data is in the Metro Data View? Metro DataView is an interactive visualization that depicts counts of rides, commutes, and cyclists aggregated to street and intersection geometry. A GPS point heat map is also viewable at the street level and user behavior times are depicted at the intersection level.

Will PACTS be sharing the data? Yes!! PACTS is happy to share the Strava data with other agencies, organizations, and groups. Contact Rick Harbison ( for access to the web portal.