The Final Report of the 2010 Plan

The complete 2010 Destination Tomorrow is presented here in its online form. Download each chapter, just the one you want, or just view them here online.

Cover, Introduction and Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Executive Summary
Chapter 2: Plan Background
Chapter 3: Present Conditions, Trends, and Future Choices: Transportation and Land Use
Chapter 4: Policies and Strategies
Chapter 5: Financial Assessment
Chapter 6: Implementation
Appendix A: Public Process
Appendix B: Transportation Priorities Survey (2008)
Appendix C: PACTS Implementation Procedures
Appendix D: Assumptions and Methodology for Forecasts of Population, Employment and
Housing ((Gorham East-West Corridor Feasibility Study)
Appendix E: PACTS Land Use Policy
Appendix F: Interstate 95 and 295 Strategy #16 specifics
Appendix G: Climate Change and Transportation in Maine: Impacts on Transportation
Appendix H: Federal Highway and Transit Administrations air quality conformity analysis