Public Opinion Survey

In July 2014 we did a statistically significant telephone survey of residents throughout the PACTS region to seek input for the long range transportation plan update.  We hired Pan Atlantic SMS Group of Portland.  They reached 700 residents for the 15-minute survey.  The 22 questions focused on people’s modes of travel and how much/if they have changed their travel behavior in the past five years, their satisfaction with the region’s transportation systems, and public policy on the expenditures for transportation.

No Po Nov 2013 forumThe 250-page survey report is available here.  Here are some highlights from the survey.

  1. 43% of respondents have changed their transportation behavior significantly in the past 5 to 10 years. This shows people’s adaptability to change, and suggests that people will continue to change their travel behavior in the future.
  2. 51% expect to live in smaller house and lot in the future (29%: larger, and 17%: neither).   This is a major finding, and is consistent with the current trend to relocate to town and city centers. This will lead to more walking, biking and transit use – and demand for supporting infrastructure.
  3. 28% own, plan to or might buy an alternative fuel car when they replace current car, or currently own one.
  4. Highest ranking improvements that would attract more people to bus transit:
  • Better connections between routes
  • More frequent service
  • Smart phone app to see where the bus is and when it will arrive at my bus stop