PACTS’ Capital Investments

posted on August 4th, 2016

The PACTS Policy Committee voted in July to invest $9,522,812 in area transportation projects to be designed and/or built during the next three years.  See the list below.  Most of the projects are funded with Federal Highway Administration funds (75%) and local match (25%).  The “other road projects” below are funded with State of Maine funds (50%) and local match (50%).  Please note that in April the Policy Committee also endorsed the use of $20 million in Federal Transit Administration funds available for use by the public transportation organizations in our region during the coming year.

Later this year we will review a list of “High Crash Locations” and develop designs for addressing the accident issues at those locations. 

A year or two from now PACTS will fund the construction of the improvements recommended in the “Preliminary Design Reports” after the preliminary design work has been completed.  Based on that future PACTS action the MaineDOT will schedule the final design and construction of the projects.

In several cases the funding for “Other Road Projects” is a PACTS contribution to a large project which will be paid for from a variety of sources.

Contact Paul Niehoff or John Duncan for more information on the specific locations and scopes of work for these projects at 774-9891.

Capital Investments Table