PACTS Capital Project Policies

posted on September 6th, 2016

The PACTS Policy and Executive Committees have adopted a new approach for selecting capital projects for PACTS funding based on the multi-modal policy direction set by the Destination 2040 PACTS regional transportation plan adopted in April 2016.  The new approach includes:

  1. Regional spending targets that focus on transportation system preservation, modernization and expansion.
  2. A new application ranking formula to replace four formulas used in the past.
  3. PACTS subregion points for applications to be submitted to PACTS.
  4. Preliminary Design Report funding separately before construction funding (except simple paving projects).
  5. A smaller set aside policy for collector preservation paving.

Click here for the PACTS TIP Policies and Procedures document adopted in September, 2016.  Contact PACTS staff for more information.