PACTS working with the Bicycle Coalition of Maine, the Legislature and area Law Enforcement Agencies

posted on December 15th, 2014

Over the last few years PACTS has enlisted the Bicycle Coalition of Maine (BCM) to broaden the dialogue, improve communication and reach consensus around a better understanding of the laws pertaining to pedestrians and cyclists, otherwise characterized as the “Vulnerable User.”  The emphasis has been on three of the five “E’s” which pertain to that user group and how they interact with operators of motor vehicles.  The three “E’s” in this case are: encouragement, education and, yes, enforcement. We have invoked the help of our law enforcement partners to help in Education not only by Enforcing current laws for all users but, as a result, Encouraging more people to walk and cycle as transportation or as recreation.

PACTS is represented on two BCM committees focused on developing a better understanding of current laws and how they are enforced, as well as discussing proposed legislation to make the current laws better, more understandable and more enforceable. The two committees are the Law Enforcement Subcommittee and the Legislation and Policy Committee. The primary intent of the collective work is not to increase the number of traffic violation citations, but to come to a better general understanding of the laws and how they pertain to the vulnerable user, with the priority on safety and decreasing the number of injuries and fatalities of the people in that particular user group.

For more information contact Paul Niehoff at PACTS at 774-9891.