Portland West Commercial Street Design

Purpose: To develop a West Commercial Street corridor design to accommodate multiple modes of transportation whileW.Commercial-slide 4 promoting adopted land use policies.

Status: The scope of work is being revised during the spring of 2014 in response to MaineDOT’s 2014 West Commercial Street capital improvement project. We will hire a consultant during the summer of 2014. Study completion in 2015.

Budget: $40,000

Scope: The study will provide an alternatives analysis and policy recommendations for redesigning West Commercial Street to accommodate the transportation needs of anticipated future development on both sides of the corridor from High Street to Cassidy Point. Land use changes on the north (land) side of West Commercial Street anticipate a new multi-use pathway and significant mixed-use development. On the south (water) side of West Commercial Street, land use considerations include development of new and expanded marine industries, retained or future freight rail, and continued truck access and industrial flexibility. Safe and context-appropriate pedestrian and bicycle network options need to be considered throughout the corridor. The study will establish policies and design alternatives to balance competing needs to achieve a functional and attractive corridor serving multiple modes.

West Commercial Street Multi-Modal Corridor Study