Regional Bike/Ped Implementation

Purpose: To implement all facets of the PACTS Regional Bike/Pedestrian Plan including education, making connections and developing standards and guidelines and detailed plans where warranted, and to identify high quality longer distance bicycle routes that link key destinations within the region that currently combine on-road bikeway facilities and pathways that would meet the needs of cyclists, and to perform baseline regional counts for bicyclists or pedestrians.

Status: Consultants hired in May 2014. Scheduled to be completed in 2015.

Budget: $76,750Picture6

Scope: The work plan includes funding to implement key priorities in the plan and to fund a mechanism for working with towns to:

  1. Work closely with our member communities to assist in developing consistent implementation plans and capital improvement projects.
  2. Update the 2013 Design Guidelines of the PACTS Regional Bike/Pedestrian Plan.
  3. Educate law enforcement agencies, motorists, pedestrians, and bicyclists on state and locate statutes and the safe best practice uses of bike/pedestrian facilities.
  4. Update the Plan as projects develop and are completed.
  5. Develop a consistent and intuitive way finding tool box.
  6. Determine strategic locations for utilizing “Bikes May Use Full Lane” signs.
  7. Convene bike and pedestrian focus groups.
  8. Conduct bike pedestrian counts separate from, or in conjunction with, vehicular traffic counts.

PACTS Regional Bike/Pedestrian Plan