Portland Bayside Circulation Master Plan

Purpose: To develop a circulation plan for the Bayside area in the context of the potential for street reconnections to Franklin Street, two-way flow restored on Elm Street and Preble Street, and a continuous two-way corridor along Oxford Street allowing travel from Portland Street to Washington Avenue

Status: Consultant to be hired in the fall of 2014. Study scheduled for completion in 2015.

Budget: $100,000

Scope: The Bayside area has long been the linchpin in redevelopment plans for the Portland peninsula. This area has long been a focus for transportation issues and urban development – as envisioned in 2000 in A New Vision for Bayside – An Urban Redevelopment Plan and recent studies focused on a re-extension of Somerset Street and significant changes to Franklin Street. These plans, coupled with significant ongoing development and requests by policy makers, make it clear that an updated circulation plan for the Bayside area is needed as the City of Portland views Bayside’s future as a top priority.