Standish Village Center Connector

StandishPurpose: To determine the feasibility and potential effectiveness of reserving connector corridors between Routes 25 and 35 in order to preserve the capacity of these arterials. The study will build upon an earlier analysis done by the Town of Standish.

Status: Consultant to be hired in the fall of 2014. Study scheduled for completion in 2015.

Budget: $26,500

Scope: Routes 25 and 35 are major regional arterials which experience heavy commuter volumes that conflict with access to local businesses and pedestrian/cyclist travel patterns. The corridor study will develop recommendations for access management and other strategies to preserve the capacity of these arterials. The past study recommended increasing the separation between Oak Hill Road and Route 25 and access management guidelines. These measures are being implemented, but additional measures should be implemented if feasible which would divert vehicular traffic away from the intersection of Routes 25/35, since the primary problem is that too much vehicular traffic is being funneled through that single point.