Yarmouth Village Land Use Study/Code

Yarmouth designated growth area mapPurpose: To undertake a public process to fully explore what commuter rail service for Yarmouth could mean by delving into the topic of the potential land use implications of the different potential stop locations and how these locations could affect economic development, future patterns of growth and development, financial investment and commuting habits and local transit culture.

Status: Consultant hired in June 2014. Study completion in 2015.

Budget: $75,000

Scope: A consultant team comprised of public facilitators, urban designers, land use planners, transportation planners and form-based codes experts will lead a multi-day charrette to vet the topic of commuter rail in Yarmouth, identify the town’s desired location for a future station stop, create a transit-oriented-development plan and related town-wide bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure plan, thoroughfare standards incorporating complete streets policies, and a model form-based code to enable the desired transit-oriented-development form to be incrementally implemented as parcels of land are developed and redeveloped. The process will include a seven day public design charrette.