PACTS Model Consultant

Purpose: To maintain the PACTS regional travel demand model and use it for a variety of transportation studies.

Status: Consultant to be hired in June 2014. Study scheduled for completion in 2015.

Budget: $25,000 (a placeholder revised budget pending discussion with MaineDOT)

Slide 39. PACTS Model

Scope: The consultant will incorporate the latest traffic and demographic data into the computer simulation model (it covers 28 cities and towns around Portland) in order to keep it up-to-date. Examples include updating the model with EZPass travel characteristics in the model region, and region-level travel data compiled from the use of cell phones. The consultant will also use the model for the planners developing the 2014 Update of the PACTS Long Range Transportation Plan.

The Scarborough example map here shows the “traffic analysis zones” which generate traffic in the PACTS regional traffic simulation software.