Regional Arterial System Assessment

Purpose: To assess the structural, capacity and safety needs of our region’s arterial streets and highways.

Status: The study began in 2013. Completion scheduled for the summer of 2014.

Budget: $36,000

Arterials Study

Scope: The consultant is doing an inventory of the 150 miles of arterial streets and highways in our region which are not part of the interstate highway system. The inventory will be based on MaineDOT records about the road surface, shoulders, drainage and subsurface conditions, as well as on information to be provided by the public works directors of the eighteen PACTS municipalities and further analysis to be done in the field by the consultant. The report will indicate the various states of repair, or disrepair of these major roads, and make recommendations (along with cost estimates) for how best to maintain and/or rebuild the arterials under PACTS jurisdiction.