Regional Traffic Signals Management

Purpose: To provide the traffic signal engineering services needed to support the PACTS 62-traffic signal regional traffic management system in Westbrook, South Portland, Scarborough and Portland. We will add ten signals to this management system after the 2014 completion of the Biddeford-Saco traffic signals system upgrade.signals 023

Status: Consultant to be hired in June 2014. Study scheduled for completion in 2015.

Budget: $84,000

Scope: The traffic engineering consultant will communities will collaborate on the following goals regarding traffic signals:

  1. Fund “regional system maintenance” of traffic signals
  2. Standardization of traffic signal hardware and software
  3. Monitor and maintain regionally our investments in signal equipment and optimization
  4. Centrally collect traffic data for intersections at established regular intervals
  5. Seek other available funds through Maine DOT programs, including federal homeland security funding
  6. Enabling of “bus transit priority” (extended green light time)